Covetics is a groundbreaking hybrid that  fuses nanocarbons with different kinds of metals such as aluminum,  copper, silver, and gold—the end-product of which are numerous enhanced  metal properties, including conduction of heat and electricity more  efficiently than conventional metal alloys. For premium and  custom-produced aluminum and copper covetic materials, turn to GDC  Industries, LLC in Dayton, OH. We are leaders in the nonferrous metal  smelting and refining industry. Rest assured you’ll be getting  superior-quality alloy covetic castings engineered and tailored to meet  your specific needs when you choose us. 

What Sets Us Apart


  • Competitive Product and Service Rates
  • Excellent Client Service
  • High-Quality Covetic Products


  • Knowledgeable and Experienced Covetic Specialists
  • Limited Licenses Available
  • Long History of Excellence in the Industry


  • Over 12 Years of Combined Covetics Research and Processing Experience
  • Trusted by Many
  • World-Class Workmanship